Author Evelia Cobos

Author Evelia Cobos Admits To Lisa Salaz,
Host of Blog Talk Radio "Dial In Channel Up,"
That "ONE OF US" is a true story.

Author Evelia Cobos

About Evelia Cobos

My father told me that when I was three years old I would climb on a chair beside him at the table.
He gave me a pencil & paper and I "wrote" as he did. The author in me was born.

Ruben Cobos

Why I Became an Author

My Dad, Dr. Ruben Cobos, award winning author of "A Dictionary of Northern New Mexico and
Southern Colorado Spanish," was an exceptional man.

He was handsome (much more so than even Clark Gable). Although he had a Ph.D. from Stanford
University, and was fluent in seven languages, he was no "snobish intellectual." He was born in Mexico
during the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920. His father died when he was seven; so he appointed
himself the sole support of the family. He "earned" money by stealing, outwitting, joking,
and storytelling. That "down to earth" --- "in touch with the poor" self never left him.
If it is wrong to adore any other than God, then i'm wrong.

I went into Barnes & Noble Bookstore one day and saw a book: "Senator Dennis Chavez" by Denise
Chavez. The next day when I went to buy it, the saleslady said, "There is no such book. And there is no
book about Senator Chavez." Well, I DID see it! I took it as a sign that I should write a book about my
adored Dad. That is how I came to write "They That Laugh Win --- to Dr. Ruben Cobos with Love"
(also New Mexico's most noted folklorist). That book was a finalist in the 2010 NM Book Awards. I was
also awarded Honorable Mention in the 2011 Writer's Digest Writing Contest for "Dreams Do Come True."

The hatred for all Moslems after 9/11 motivated me to write "One of Us." It is about Moslems from the
Fijian Islands who can read minds and see everything all around the world. The book is so unreal that I
call it "Fictitious;" because I did not believe anyone would believe it is my true experience. The book
challenges readers to decide: "Is Ana crazy, as the psychiatrists diagnose? Or is she truly connected to God?"

I am now working on the sequel to "One of Us": "I Fought the Good Fight. I Finished the Race. I Kept the Faith."
(From the Bible: II Timothy). I also post fiction & non-fiction on my BLOG.

Ruben Cobos
Ruben Cobos
Ruben Cobos
One Of Us

New Mexico Book Awards 2010 Finalist Eve Cobos

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